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Beyond Fabric: Déjà Vu?

Finding that perfect piece you’ve been longing for is becoming an ever increasing task and might pose more of a challenge than it seems. Be it fit, cut, fabric or color, there are a number of variables which may be off putting and dictate whether or not you’ll end up purchasing a garment. Sometimes the thrill of the chase makes it all the more special once you find it, whereas other times it might prove to be exasperating. 

As such, one of the things I tend to do besides carefully selecting my purchases, is to stock up once I come across special pieces I really love. Instead of settling for “so so” items, I’d rather save and invest in two or three versions of an item I know I’ll be sporting often. Found a perfect fitting shirt or sweater? Get it in two colorways or even the same if it’s an everyday essential, or play around with sizing, going for a fitted version and a looser one for layering purposes. 

Although this may not apply to every type of garment, be it due to monetary reasons or simply because it doesn’t make sense to have more than one of certain items, you’ll be surprised by how well it works in comprising a suitable wardrobe. I, for one, have done this for sweaters, jeans, shirts and even shoes that match my styling philosophy. As I see it, it’s better to ease up on variety and stock up on heavy rotation items. Plus, the feeling of wearing something you love added to different shades or sizes, fools not only other people’s perception but your own as well, so you won’t feel as if wearing the same outfit over and over… 

Top to bottom (clockwise):

- Levi’s 511 slim, Rugby wadham club collar shirt (blue and pink), Buttero for Por Vocação derby shoes (taupe and waxed brown), Buttero crepe soled boat shoes (black and brown), Paul Smith Ibsen trainer (off white leather and brown suede), Our Legacy Great Sweat (garden green, washed red and indigo blue), Lyle and Scott deep v-neck sweater (blue and black), H&M cotton cardigan (ecru and orange) and Our Legacy oxford candystripe button down shirt (blue and pink). 

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